Professional Android Development


We are, we are professional Android engineers that specialize in creating functional Android applications. We have been developing on the Android platform for over five years, and have been working professionally as Android engineers for the past three years. We have also created many business apps, sports apps, humor apps, and games that appeal to a large audience. At, we have expert knowledge in multiple screen size support, legacy Android version support, and MVC architecture. also has expert experience in various web technologies. We work thoroughly in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL. We have developed web driven applications from start to finish, including the web application side. also has 8 years experience working as a Systems Administrator in an IT setting. This means we have a strong understanding of server infrastructure, network configurations, and various web services.

Android Development

Application Development

During this phase we set up and develop your Android Studio project and application modules, which contain all of the source code and resource files for your application.

Android Debug

Debugging and Testing

During this phase we build your project into a debuggable .apk package that you can install and run on the emulator or an Android-powered device.

Android Development

Publishing Application

During this phase we configure and build your application for release and distribute your application to users on the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store.